It cosmetics ...Confidence in a foundation color 115 light. I tried this one time and the color was way to light. I dont know why i didnt return it, but i didnt. Came from Ulta about a month and a half ago. This is a good deal and a great foundation.
I marked the bottle on The essence with how much is left, it's about half full. The tatcha beauty berry Camilla lip balm was used less then five times, I just didnt care for the color.
LADIES LADIES The items that are lightly used is the Vulgar blush, I tried the face masks only once so they are pretty full, SOL lotions are more then 3/4 full, cover FX blemish treatment primer I used twice, opened the nyx illumination and manna glo to see color. Never used the lip glosses the eye shadows the diamond powder by artist culture, the wunder 2 glitter belly, kaledido skin blush, pi...
The face wash I only used a handful of times, its large size 16oz and the micellar water I used about the same it is 3.4 oz. I've bought them about a month ago from ulta, this a great deal dont miss out